Video Production Lab

Video Production Lab

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This workshop will give you a solid introduction to the basics of video production; from learning to how to present your idea to a client, to develop a video concept and translating it visually. Also you will learn how to write a treatment and shot list plus you will have informations about the team crew and roles.

TAKE 1 / April 27th 3:30pm - 6:30pm The first episode of this workshop will consist in learning, how to customize an idea with a budget given by the client as well as learn how to pitch to a client. We will also get an understanding what each persons role is to create a video. These roles include casting and crew requirements, plus locations. We will learn how to plan with a minimum crew and prepare for a shooting day.

TAKE 2 / April 28th 3:30pm - 6:30pm The second episode of this workshop will consist in learning, how to translate a video idea from thought to paper, by using writing treatments and a shot-list technique. We will go through different types of camera shot and the basics of camera movements; various techniques and camera equipment.

TAKE 3 / May 4th 3:30pm - 6:30pm The third episode of this workshop will consist in learning on how to pitch a video in a team environment. The students will actively collaborate in groups and asked to create a video idea by using specific elements, slogan and genres; previously commissioned by teacher. Proposals and ideas will be discussed together after presented.

TAKE 4 / May 5th 3:30pm - 6:30pm The fourth episode of this workshop will consist in learning, the post-production phase of a project. Our focus will be on organization of the project’s footage and understanding video format and editing software as Adobe Premiere.


Daniela “Zoe” Croci award winning filmmaker officially selected at SXSW 2019 with a production company based in Brooklyn New York called Zoe Map Films.  Her career pursuits as a filmmaker brought her to New York City where she currently lives and produces music videos, fashion editorial videos, documentaries and commercials. In 2017 she started her project “Women to The Front” at Superchief Gallery NY, providing a platform for women film makers, visual artists and musicians; supporting gender equality with such tremendous impact.  Zoe has produced more than 20 exhibitions and an impressive number of videos and musical performances. She curates events and gatherings to raise awareness on social justice with recurring themes of diversity and racial equality in American culture. Zoe amplifies cultural narratives through the arts and film and connects individuals to the people, and resources they need to create a better future for themselves.


Each session is $50. You can sign up for one or all sessions. If you sign up for all sessions you’ll get a discounted price of $175!

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