Distill Creative designs one-of-a-kind experiences to inspire creativity and build community. We host hands-on craft workshops, develop custom creative experiences, and provide consulting services for art, retail, and event curation. 

We produce unique craft workshops and private events at our NYC studio. Our Chapter Leaders host pop-up events in Southern California, Virginia and Washington, DC. We also create the Distill Creative Courses, Book Club, Craft Kits, and Guides to help you be more confidently creative and connected.

Founder Stephanie Echeveste has developed and produced art installations, pop-ups, community programming, corporate events, and custom experiences for various clients, including JBG Smith, Vornado, 2U, Betabrand, WhyHotel, WeWork, and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Stephanie is Mexican-American and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She is obsessed with retail storefronts and public spaces and finds herself traveling often to find new inspiration.

Oh, and we love drinking cocktails and making crafts!

Photograph by Jen Eun

Photograph by Jen Eun

Photograph by Jen Eun

Photograph by Jen Eun



In 2015, sisters Stephanie and Valerie Echeveste started hosting cocktail+craft workshops in their living room to help their friends be more creative and connected. Now, we design and host one-of-a-kind experiences and provide consulting services to help you or your business be more creative, connected, and culturally-woke.

Our mission is to create one-of-a-kind experiences that deepen the human connection and inspire creativity.



Stephanie Echeveste

Stephanie Echeveste is a NYC-based, Mexican-American artist and creative business woman. She makes mixed-media art and designs creative experiences. She is interested in the intersection of fiber art, craft, community, and culture. Stephanie holds a BA from the University of Southern California where she studied Communication and Printmaking. Born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona, Stephanie has lived, worked, and developed community in Bilbao, Spain, Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, and Washington, DC.

Stephanie is the founder and CEO of Distill Creative. She started Distill Creative, originally called cocktails+craft, in 2015 as a way to practice creativity and make cocktails with friends. She’s a longtime crafter and creative and has used her love for hands-on making to develop clothing designs (Betabrand), brands (2U, Nesting Days), and places (VNO/JBG Smith). Stephanie co-owns and operates Eche Verde, a concept store and online shop. She's been teaching art and crafts workshops since 2008 and she can’t wait to create with you. 


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Shenneth Dove-Morse is a Washington, DC based Howard University alum, communications professional, content writer, international traveler, and life-long dabbler into crafts of all types. In order to keep creativity in the forefront regardless of her career path, Shenneth has done everything from taking sewing classes, to taking beginner drawing classes, to dyeing her own clothes, to creating her own artwork to decorate her home, among many others. Shenneth joined the Distill Creative team as the DC Chapter Leader to connect with other people in the DC area who are just as passionate about crafting, eclectic hobbies, and creativity as she is. 


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Valerie Echeveste


Valerie’s love for crafting began at Girl Scout camp making friendship bracelets, tie dye t-shirts and endless swaps. She is currently pursuing her Master’s of Public Health at the George Washington University where she’s uncovering the best ways to motivate and create opportunities for healthier lives. She thinks the best part of crafting as an adult is the addition of cocktails.

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Nicole Schroeder


Nicole Schroeder is a quintessential creative and founder of Atthirtyone where she explores experiences through art and design.  Originally a painter, Nicole transmits fleeting moments from nature onto canvas. Admittedly, most of Nicole's design ideas are born with a cocktail in hand, sometimes made with homemade bitters or infusions.  She just moved from Washington, DC to Los Angeles and looks forward exploring the city's craft cocktail and art scene along with new friends in LA's chapter.

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