Creative Placemaking is a term used to describe initiatives that use art, culture, and other creative tactics to create or maintain a sense of place.

The term placemaking can mean different things to different people. For a resident of a gentrifying community, it can trigger anxiety about development. For a developer, it can mean creative projects that bring upper-middle class millennials, for an artist it can mean elusive funding, long timelines, and headaches.  

We believe creative placemaking is an essential way to develop or strengthen a community. We also believe creative placemaking has health benefits and economic benefits for local residents, business owners, and community organizations. We focus on projects that can bridge divides and increase a sense of pride for one's own neighborhood. We also encourage collaboration with local artists and organizations. We have experience developing creative placemaking projects for Vornado/Charles E. Smith, JBG Smith, and other real estate developers. We've developed and managed a variety of creative placemaking projects -- from supper clubs to LED light installations, pop-ups to murals, and workshops to digital marketing campaigns. 



Interested in being more marketable as an artist and getting your work seen by people who will buy it? We offer various services to help you sell your work and can also help you develop workshops and special events to use your unique talents to make more income. 


  • Website Review
  • Workshop Development
  • 1:1 Coaching


Interested in creating a unique experience for your residents or tenants? We can help you put on an art happening or site-specific art installation that is thoughtful and builds community. We've worked with top real estate developers and have the right experience to work with right-brain and left-brain professionals. We also understand the nuances of creative placemaking for real estate developers, especially when it comes to budgets and stakeholders. We focus on making sure you get your ROI and create long-lasting goodwill.


  • Research
  • Art Curation
  • Project Management
  • Site Assessment
  • Budget Advice For New Projects 
  • Creative Workshop Activation