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mimosas & moodboards

Today we had our first cocktails+craft! If you're in your twenties, you know that most social time is spent drinking or at brunch (or maybe at yoga). I'm not opposed to either of those things, but I'd much rather be creating something. I've been thinking of ways to socialize, create and inspire a little bit more creativity in everyone's day-to-day. I've also been wanting to make more cocktails. And so, the idea of Cocktails+Craft was born. My sister liked the idea so we threw a first try at our new apartment today. 

why moodboards? 

Last year my sister and I went to a Levo League event where we made moodboards to envision what we wanted to do in the next year. We both still have ours hanging in our rooms and we thought this was a good, easy craft to start with. 

Most people have experience making moodboards or collaging and if not, they have probably used Pinterest. A moodboard is just a collection of images. It can be centered around a theme or totally random. You can adhere anything from anywhere, but often people use images from magazines. I make moodboards when I'm working on a new collection for inspiration (side note: I finally got my home studio set up and a printer so I'll be resuming soon!). 

It is hard to find images in fashion magazines, and models in fashion magazines are not diverse, so I highly suggest gathering a variety of magazines to get more options. 

& mimosas? 

Mimosas may not really be cocktails, but they are classic. They are also easy to make and pretty much everyone likes them. It was an easy first 'cocktail'. 

Tell me more

We started late morning and once most people were here we shared a bit about ourselves so we all knew each other. Then we shared moodboards my sister and I had done before and went over some ideas of how to create one. 

Everyone got into it pretty quickly. This craft is fun because it's super self-directed and easy to start. We all got a little lost once we had to glue it to our boards (because you have to actually plan that out), but that's pretty normal. We spent most of our time finding images and words we liked and took a break mid-way to eat some bruncy snacks (Val made an amazing breakfast casserole, blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls). Everyone was really excited to take home their moodboards and put them up for daily inspiration! 

Clean up was pretty easy - especially since we need confetti for next week's Easter eggs. We just cut up extra papers for the confetti and put the rest in a paper bag to throw out. Then we did the dishes, actually I still have some dishes to do, but other than that not bad. 

And no, we weren't all 'creative types', we were a mix of designers, writers, lawyers and non-profit folk. The goal was to inspire creativity and I think we did that! I'm super happy everyone had a good time and left with something tangible to remind them that they can create. 

Wait, can I plan my own? 

Yes! It'd be awesome if you planned your own Mimosas & Moodboards event with your friends! 

Here's what you need: 

Make sure you get enough supplies for all your guests. 

  • glue sticks
  • poster board
  • mod podge (optional)
  • foam brushes (optional - for the mod podge)
  • orange juice
  • champagne (we asked people to bring this - and they did! It's a great way to share costs with your guests)
  • scissors 
  • magazines (also good to ask people to bring some so you have a variety)
  • brunchy snacks 

Tag your photos #cocktailsandcraft @cocktails_craft and we'll repost on Twitter/Instagram!

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