Craft: Fall Foliage


I'm obsessed with leaves. I love seeing them all over the ground and blowing in the wind in the fall--it's something I look forward to all year! During our workshop San Martins & Fall Foliage, we made many different crafts using freshly fallen leaves from Meridian Hill-Malcolm X park (my front yard ;).



  • leaves
  • glue
  • hot glue gun
  • glitter
  • paper
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • exacto knife
  • foam brushes
  • paint (whatever colors you want!)
  • card stock or poster board

First, you'll have to find some leaves. It's pretty easy if you live near trees. We had two stations set up - one for decorating the leaves and one for assembling them. The decorating table had glue and glitter. The assembling table had paper and mounting materials. 


Once you're set up and have some leaves, pick our your favorites and prep them! You probably want to rinse them and dry them between paper towels with some heavy books on top. This will make them easier to work with as they will be flat. 


Once your leaves are prepped, you can start decorating them. Because I love the natural look of leaves, I generally cover a section with glue (I paint it on with a foam brush) and then pour the glitter on top. However, you can cover the whole leaf with glue and and have a full glitter leaf!


Once you have decorated your leaves, you can mount them on a card, on a wreath backing (just make a circle out of card stock or poster board in the shape of the wreath and then glue it on) or hang them from a string like an ornament. 


You can make many things with leaves! We made:

  • glitter leaves 
  • glitter leaf wreaths
  • glitter leaf cards
  • glitter leaf ornaments

Once you're done, you can hang your creation in your home or gift it to a friend. I still have my leaf garland hanging up in my house because they are so festive! Try using other materials, like fresh garland or flowers! 


Want to make crafts and a cocktail? Join us for the next cocktails+craft! We made glitter leaves our November workshop San Martins & Fall Foliage.