Cocktail recipe: Irish Coffee

Winter has just hit DC -- we've already had two snowfalls! We've been drinking Irish coffees to keep us caffeinated and ward off seasonal moodiness. Also, we think it's ok to drink this cocktail in the morning...and at night. 

The Irish coffee originated in--you guessed it--Ireland. A chef in Limerick created it to warm up boat passengers forced to return back to Ireland due to bad weather. Eventually, it made it's way to San Francisco, when a traveling journalist and a bartender at Buena Vista Cafe perfected the recipe to recreate the Irish classic. 

Here in DC, we wanted to try making Irish coffee with our favorite locally roasted coffee beans. We picked darker blends because we like the way it tastes with the brown sugar syrup and homemade whipped cream, but you can experiment with any kind of coffee. We suggest you keep the whiskey Irish ;)! 



Brew your favorite coffee! We like using Compass Coffee's Waypoint or Vigilante's Sumatra

Add the brown sugar syrup and whiskey to an Irish coffee glass.

1-2016-irish-coffees-step-4-coffee (1 of 1).jpg

Fill ⅔ to top with Vigilante or Compass coffee.

Top off with homemade whipped cream. Garnish with nutmeg and serve hot.

1-2016-irish-coffees (1 of 8).jpg


We are making Irish coffees at our next workshop Irish coffees & snow globes. RSVP here before it's too late!