Craft: Snow Globe

Yesterday, we had our first cocktails+craft of 2016! We made snow globes and Irish coffees together, chatted about what Alaska is really like and discussed the pros and cons of pour over coffee. We made some new friends and had fun making and mixing together. 

Here is how we made the snow globes: 


Paint (outdoor acrylic works well on metal)

Jars (we used 16 oz mason jars)

Ceramic or plastic mini figurines

Glitter - large, fine, white, silver, gold -- up to you!


Liquid glycerin

super glue or Clear-drying epoxy

Distilled water

First, take the outer rim of the mason jar lid and paint it your favorite color. While it's drying, sand paper the inside of the inner circle part of the lid. 

Next, choose your figurines. Add the super glue or epoxy to the bottom of lid and to the bottom of your figurines and place your figurines.

Photo Jan 30, 5 23 21 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 30, 2 43 50 PM.jpg

Let cure for 24 hours...maybe make a cocktail while you wait like we did. 

...24 hours later

Combine the glitter to make your own unique snow storm. Add a spoonful or two of glitter to the jar.

1-2016-workshop-irish-coffees-snow-globes (20 of 28).jpg

Fill the jar with distilled water almost to the top. Add a few drops of glycerin.

Screw on the lid that you created.

Shake and admire your snow globe (and if you made a cocktail while you were doing this, like we did, drink it)! Want to make a cocktail and make a craft with us? Sign up for our next cocktails+craft workshop

Photo Jan 16, 2 32 11 PM.jpg