Cocktail recipe: Mexican hot chocolate with Chacho

I grew up making Abuelita's hot chocolate -- I would break apart the wedges from the wheel of cinnamon chocolate goodness and melt it away in milk over the stove. Sometimes, I would just eat the little wedges. Fast forward to this past winter, when I tried the specialty cocktail Francisco, that's fun to say! at the pop-up Christmas bar at Mocking Bird Hill. Their drink was amazing, a mezcal, green-chartreuse marshmallow, coconut wonderland... and it reminded me that it was time to update my childhood Abuelita's ritual by adding some something special and spicy.

I went to Batch 13 (on 14th street) on the lookout for a mezcal or tequila that would do the trick. Instead, I found Chacho, a jalapeño-infused, aguardiente-inspired cane spirit dreamt up right here in DC. I did some taste tests and voila - a new update on my Abuelita's: 



  •     Abuelita's hot chocolate (follow instructions for one cup) 
  •     1½ ounces Chacho
  •     whipped cream
  •     chocolate sauce
  •     cinnamon
  •     orange peel
  •     cinnamon stick

Make the hot chocolate. Add the Chacho. Top off with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cinnamon, orange peel and a cinnamon stick. 

It's simple, but totally delicious. Enjoy!!! 

We made this cocktail for our workshop Mexican hot chocolate & tapestry weaving. If you were at this workshop, you also had the pan de elote! Here's the recipe for that delicious dish. 

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