Craft: DIY mason jar herb garden

This month Desiree from Nomad Yard led us through the craft portion of cocktails+craft to teach us how to make a DIY mason jar herb garden! It's pretty simple--here are the materials and steps to do it yourself.


  • organic natural soil
  • wood chips
  • seeds
  • jars
  • twine
  • chalkboard paper or labels
  • chalk or pen

The first step is to pick your jars and seeds. We used a variety of mason jars and herbs that were in season and easy to grow indoors. 

Next, fill the jar with woodchips about a quarter of the way up. 

2-2016-workshop (54 of 81).jpg

Next, fill the jar with soil to the bottom of the rim.

Poke four holes in the soil and add the seeds. If the seeds are small, put two of each in the holes. If the seeds are big, put one in each hole.

2-2016-workshop (40 of 81).jpg

Cover the top with a layer of soil and add some labels so you remember what you planted. We made tags out of chalkboard paper and twine. 

2-2016-workshop (42 of 81).jpg

We how your mason jar herb garden thrives! Let use know how they grow! 

2-2016-workshop (81 of 81).jpg

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