Recap: A time to catch the good...and tacos

We celebrated the new year and the first cocktails+craft of 2017 with French 75’s and dreamcatchers. With all that is happening in the world, we wanted to create physical reminders to help us keep the good dreams and forget the bad. Dreamcatchers are an ancient Native American tradition that do just that. We learned the creation story of dreamcatchers and took time to meditate while wrapping the leather and sinew to create our modern pieces.

What's a French 75? It's a a classic celebratory drink that's pretty easy to make with gin, lemon juice and champagne! While enjoying our drinks, we discovered no one does resolutions anymore, instead we just mindfully work on things all year long. We also talked about tacos. In particular, taco spots near Colony Club that we could indulge in on the way to the next cocktails+craft event.

So, hear is a list of the taco shops near Colony Club for everyone coming to the next cocktails+craft on February 15th!:

Ana’s Restaurant

3217 Georgia Ave NW
1 block north of Colony club on Georgia Ave.

El Chucho
3313 11th Street NW (11th & Lamont)
7 minute walk from Colony Club, perfect if walking from Columbia Heights metro

Taqueria Distrito Federal
3463 14th St. NW (14th & Oak st)
15 min walk from Georgia Ave metro, 17 min walk to Colony club

We can't wait to see you in February to create some original artwork to hang in your rooms and inspire you every day.