DIY Handmade Holiday Ornaments


Do you have visions of a vintage ornament-laden Hallmark-worthy tree this season?  You can make your own memories, keepsakes, and gifts that are just as gorgeous as those vintage finds with a little craftiness. The recipe goes like this:


Glass or Plastic bulb ornaments with removable wire top
Craft Paint
Mod Podge
Artisanal Paper
Seasonal Fabric
Foam brush

How To

Just play! You can mix and match a number of techniques to get just the right look.  

Here are a few favorites:

  1. Paint the inside

I like to squirt craft paint inside the ornament, right onto the lip of the opening.  Then, I tilt and swirl until it coats where I want it to. Add all the colors you want by tilting and swirling, but be patient with it! Since the paint won’t dry for a while, your design will meld into something new and unexpected in a few days. I love how this technique gives the ornament a new patina over the years.

2. Add glitter

There are a few ways to do this. You can add it to the outside with mod podge, by covering the desired section in mod podge and sprinkling glitter on top. Or, in a (non-painted) ornament you can squirt some mod podge inside, add glitter, close the top, and shake shake shake!

3. Decoupage

I love using paper scrap packs or origami papers from an art supply store for this, or try it with wrapping paper! I like to find unique shapes and designs, then cut them out.  Also, you can use a vintage book with yellowed paper and cut a shape out of it. The key is to keep the shapes small so that they attach properly to the round ornament. When you have your design, use the foam brush to add a thin layer of mod podge to the ornament, covering the area of your paper.  Stick the paper on, and dab mod podge over top of the paper to ensure it sticks. This gets sticky!

4. Fabric

Similarly to paper, it helps to cut the fabric you’re using into small pieces or strips, then attach it to the ornament using the same mod podge technique you used with paper.  It helps to thoroughly soak the fabric in mod podge so that it stays put. You can add bows and ribbons using the same technique!

This is a great craft for all ages.  I hope you make many fun memories along the way!