Recap: Illustrate Your Adventures - Journaling On The Go

Illustrate Your Adventures_5.18.1927.jpeg

Last weekend we had a guest artist in the studio for her book launch and special workshop! Betsy Beier, of Wanderlust Designer, hosted a workshop on Journaling On The Go, and showed us how to get started and stay inspired.

I recently got into art journaling, via an airbnb experience in Guanajuato, and I absolutely love it. I’ve always been nervous to make art in public — or attempt to make art in public — but I’ve found that the more I do it, the less self-conscious I am.

Betsy was an amazing teacher! She taught us all the different ways we could journal, how to create an art on-the-go bag, how to start, all the ways to illustrate, how to make art while traveling, and so much more.

She also gave us a hefty handout which is amazing! I’ve already referenced it a few times for my own journal practice and I am really thankful for the thorough review of illustration and journaling. I also love her book, which all attendees also got: Anywhere, Anytime Art Illustration: An Artist’s Guide to Illustration On The Go!

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She also gave us these adorable NYC-themed stickers created by Betsy and a pocked-sized field artist multi-media sketch book that I am obsessed with (it literally goes everywhere I go).

Betsy shared a bunch of her own journals and sketchbooks and we were amazed! Not only is she talented, but dedicated. I barely have energy to journal, via writing, about my day when I’m traveling, much less create a multi-page visual illustration! Betsy shared how to realistically approach art journaling while traveling — do it little by little and take a time each day to reflect and draw. Even ten minutes will make an impact!

We also were able to ask questions and learn about Betsy’s career as an artist, which was extremely valuable. There were a lot of artists in attendance, so learning about how she successfully has ran a business and has built a career on her creativity was really inspiring.

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After some discussion and practice in the studio, we took it to the streets. Betsy gave us a list of things to look for and draw, like an art scavenger hunt! We each found different things on the list and gathered to share what we drew. It was so cool to see so many different styles and perspectives in one place!

I’m super thankful that Betsy came all the way from San Francisco to come spend time with us and share her secrets. I can’t wait to sketch with you all again!

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