Craft: Dreamcatcher


We recently did a dreamcatcher workshop for Boholiday at Nomad Yard Collectiv. This craft is medium level, but everyone did a really amazing job and we were impressed by the distinct creativity of each workshop attendee! 

Here are instructions in case you couldn't attend, or if you did and would like to share with a friend! The first step to making a dreamcatcher is getting the right materials.  



  • small (3") or medium (5")  (or any other type of ring)
  • 2.5 yards (for 3" ring) or 3.5 yards (for 5" ring) of leather lace, faux leather lace, twine, fabric strips, or anything else you'd like to use to cover the metal ring, plus extra to attach feathers and hang
  • glue
  • sinew 
  • feathers
  • beads
  • clothespin

First, leaving about four inches extra at the start, wrap the metal ring with your choice of material (leather, twine, etc.). After you've wrapped a few times, you can use a clothespin to keep it in place. Continue wrapping, and as you do add a bit of glue on the metal ring to keep the material in place. Keep wrapping, keeping the material tight as you go all the way around the ring. Tie off the ends when you finish. 


Next, wrap tie the sinew in a double knot and wrap around in your desired design. This video will show you how to make the traditional dreamcatcher design. Add beads as you go. 


Next, use the extra leather/twine to tie a loop to hang and decorate the bottom with feathers. I like to put glue on the feathers and then wrap the leather/twine around the feather, but you can also just knot around the feather and then glue the excess leather/twine. 


And voilá! There you have your own dreamcatcher. Hang it by your bed to catch your bad dreams. 

View more photos from our last workshop here and sign up for an invite to our next workshop