How to make a paper flower crown

At our last workshop Amina of Handmade Habitat taught us how to make paper flower crowns. It's pretty simple and requires just a few materials.


First, cut up your paper into petal shapes. 

Next, adhere glue to the wire and the cotton ball and wrap some paper around it. 

Glue each petal on around the center (the cotton ball part attached to the wire that you covered with paper) until you make a flowers. 

Repeat until you have made several flowers for your crown. 

Now, take the floral tape and warp the stem of the flower to cover the edges of the paper and wire. 

Finally, arrange your flowers how you want them to lay in a crown. Center the arrangement on a length of yarn (about three yards). You can braid the yarn if you want. Wrap more floral tape around the yarn and all the flowers to make them all one and create your crown. 

Tie to your head and show it off. Thank you to everyone that came out to our last workshop - we hope you had as much fun as we did making paper flower crowns! Special thanks to Amina for teaching us!