Recap: Negroni, crepe paper, candles and 12 new friends.

For our last cocktails+craft workshop we teamed up with Amina of Handmade Habitat at her studio on the Brookland Arts Walk. Amina taught us how to make paper flower crowns and we made sure everyone learned how to make a grapefruit negroni. We also got to see her latest collection of candles!

cocktails+craft- Paper flower crowns & grapefruit negronis-72.jpg

We started the workshop with a  short activity so everyone could get to know each other. Each person choose a piece of yarn when they came in. Once everyone was there, we went around the circle and each person had to talk about herself for the amount of time it took to wrap the yarn around her finger. The pieces of yarn were all different lengths, so everyone had a different amount of time to share. We loved hearing a little bit about each person and were super impressed by the variety of occupations and interests! 

Next, we introduced ourselves, gave a little overview of cocktails+craft since we had a lot of new faces, and then dove into the workshop. Everyone made beautiful paper flower crowns and added a new cocktail recipe to their mental notes--just in time for spring! 

We had a ton of fun and are so so so thankful to Amina for co-hosting and sharing her love of paper flowers. We hope you can all come to our next workshop