Creating your own inspiration

Where does your inspiration come from? Last week, we gathered to create inspirational wall art. This craft idea developed out of a desire to take our first ever cocktails+craft, mimosas & moodboards, to the next level. Our vision was to modge podged a backdrop of inspirational colors and patterns on a canvas, use stickers to create an inspirational quote on top, then paint over the stickers. Once everything was dry we would remove the stickers to reveal the inspirational images we original placed on the canvas. Voilà.

Our fearless February crafters were given many options to make their wall art their own. They were quick to realize they entered into a more complicated craft, where their own creativity was their only limitation. While this led to tough decisions like, ‘quote seen via stickers or just written on top of a beautiful collage’ and ‘to glitter or not to glitter?’... at the end of the evening everyone created a completely unique, beautiful piece of art!

While we spent more time then we expected waiting for the multi-layered, advanced leveled-modge podge and paint combinations, we were able to get to know each other and lend each other a helping hand. We shared our love of Burleith a lesser known DC neighborhood between Georgetown and Glover Park. We helped each other find and/or make sticker letters to complete our inspirational quotes. And most importantly we got to learn the story behind the the song lyrics, personal mantras and favorite quotes that we chose to use for our wall art.

We hope everyone found a great place to hang their masterpieces! And don’t forget to stop by our favorite taco shops that we featured in our last blog post on your way to the next cocktails+craft!