What you seek you will find

We've been wanting to check out SCRAP B'more for a while and last weekend we finally took a little day trip to Baltimore. 

SCRAP is a non-profit creative reuse store dedicated to inspiring creative projects and environmentally sustainable behavior. There are SCRAP locations all over the US and there used to be one in DC (sadly it is no longer). 

craftventure-baltimore (1 of 7).jpg

It takes about an hour to get from our house to Baltimore, so by the time we got there we were hungry. We stopped at Mi and Yu Noodle Bar and got some delicious Bao and fried shrimp with duck fat rosemary garlic french fries. Just what we needed to fuel our craftventure. 

After lunch we dove into the store. We had fun exploring all the sections and seeing what we could find for future workshops. We found some mosaic pieces, a sea of embroidery thread, stems and wreaths for our paper flower workshop, brushes, foam brushes (which we can never have enough of), some block printing ink, paper and tags, plastic aprons, glitter!, and labels. We also found fun stuff like pastels, fringe ribbon, yarn in our favorite color and a large bright blue feather for our cat Cleo. 

If you're looking for some craft supplies or just need a little inspiration, we highly recommend SCRAP B'More (or one near you!).  Happy crafting! 


925 S Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21230 | 410-637-8333

Thurs & Fri 11am - 6pm | Sat & Sun 10am - 5pm