Dreaming of rooftops and flowers that will last and last

We had such an amazing time at last week's workshop! Everyone shared what they are looking forward to in Spring and SURPRISE we all want some rooftop bar time. Come on weather, let's get it together!

Paper flower making required extra special care, but it was well worth the effort. Amina of Handmade Habitat made it back from SXSW just in time to share her paper flower making expertise, her business learnings and, of course, her lovely candles. Everyone left with a liquor vase full of eternal peonies and anemones or a gorgeous paper flower crown that will last all year. One guest left wearing her crown straight to a concert! 

We were so impressed with all of your work! And with your hobbies Tarot card sets, inclusive yoga, vision boards...geez this city never ceases to amaze us. Keep being you and see you all out in the hustle. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Until Spring,