Recap: Vision Boards & Goal Setting CreativeMornings Field Trip

CreativeMornings_1.29.19_Vision Boards - 4.jpg

Last night we had a packed house for our Vision Boards & Goal Setting CreativeMornings Field Trip. I am so glad everyone made it out despite the cold rain!

We started the night by going through a series of exercises to get our imaginations flowing and thinking about what we want to accomplish in the next 10 years and 5 years. Then we zeroed in on the next year to guide our vision statements and ultimately our vision boards.

Many of us were in creative fields and all of us seemed interested in being a bit more creative this year!

Most everyone had either attended a CreativeMornings talk or another CreativeMornings Field Trip. It was encouraging to hear everyone’s successes and struggles. I personally got some great advice for the Weaving & Mezcal trip I’m planning in Oaxaca, Mexico later this year. I also enjoyed talking about business development and planning for more alone time!

Once we were clear on our visions for this upcoming year, we started searching for images and words that represented our vision and began creating our vision boards using magazines, tissue paper, feathers, glue, and mod podge.

Everyone’s vision board came out completely unique! It was amazing to see such a variety of visions and unique approach to collaging. I’m super thankful for the warm and inspiring energy! Can’t wait to create again with the CreativeMornings crowd!

If you’re interested in having your own vision board workshop, check out our private events page or our vision board guide. This is a great activity to do regularly and especially fun to do as a team building event or social gathering with friends.