Recap: Vision Boards in Reston, VA

We held our inaugural Reston Chapter workshop in the cozy lounge area of Kalypso's Sports Tavern at beautiful Lake Anne. A small group of us braved the below-freezing weather to meet each other and share our goals for 2019.

We started by sharing ways to develop our goals, and we used color theory to help us set the tone for our year with a vision board background color to inspire us.

Then we dove into images to use in a collage that would embody our vision. Some of us were very 'zine with our vision boards and some focused on a more interior design-inspired look. We all swapped tips on approaches and styles as we sipped drinks.


We had a great time sharing our goals for the future with each other and hanging out. In our next workshop we'll be making our own block prints in the same beautiful space. Come join us if you're in the Reston area!