Recap: Paper Flowers at Artists & Fleas in Venice


Here in California, Spring is bringing super blooms everywhere, from sleepy hillsides to the desert floor. On Saturday, we made paper flowers in Venice, CA, to bring the inspiration home.

At Distill Creative, we take our paper flowers seriously. We want our flowers to look like flowers, so we carefully shape the petals and use actual floral wire and tape. Inspired by Lia Griffith’s paper flower prowess, we use her brand of crepe paper for the petals. Here are some of the key takeaways from our Venice workshop:


They Look Like Flowers!

We have a few flower petal stencils to work from for peonies, roses, and other small flowers. It’s fun to use two different stencils for one flower -- the smaller petals go on the inside, and the larger petals go on the outside. Each petal is shaped like a shallow bowl before it is attached to the stem.

Color Creatively!

There are some gorgeous colors of crepe paper out there. Why limit yourself to a red rose or one color of pink for a peony? There are creamsicle roses, yellow and purple irises, and even green flowers.  Mix conventional or unconventional colors and your bouquet will love you for it.


More is More!

More petals, more tape, more glue. The more petals we used, the more excited we got about our flowers. On that note, we used more floral tape and wrapped it higher where the petals meet the stem to really girdle those petals in there. And to attach that tape, even though it sticks well to itself, we used dots of tacky glue every inch or two twisting it down the stem.

What flowers do you want to create?