Recap: Distill Creative DC’s April Paper Flower Workshop


On April 16th, the Distill Creative DC Chapter hosted a Paper Flower Workshop at the Colony Club coffee bar where attendees were led through a Paper Flower Making Craft by the DC Chapter Leader, Shenneth Dove-Morse. Attendees completed several Peony paper flowers during the evening while enjoying drinks at the Colony Club.

After learning the process of cutting the paper flower petals, stamen, attendees quickly started fashioning their paper flowers.


Attendees chose different color variations and petal sizes for their paper flowers. Now that they know the process, they can easily make their own paper flowers at home! Paper flowers make lovely decor items for people who may be allergic to real flowers. You can also use paper flowers to fashion floral crowns inspired by Frida Kahlo’s signature braided hair style woven with flowers.  


Though paper flowers have become more popular over the past few years, artisans have been crafting paper flowers almost from the moment paper was conceived—and all over the world. According to Architecture Digest, As soon as the Chinese invented paper in 100 B.C., they began fashioning it into lanterns, fans, and, of course, flowers. The flowers would be placed in buoyant containers and then floated in water as a meditative religious offering (source).

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