Recap: Dumbo Open Studios 2019


This weekend we participated in Dumbo Open Studios! It was super cool to be a part of the community of artists and open up my studio and our workshop space to the public.

We had to rearrange a bit (like move the refrigerator temporarily), but we created some empty walls to display artwork and I made my studio presentable. We also had Zoe in the studio teaching her Video Production Lab workshop.

Me ( Stephanie M. Echeveste ) with my artwork

Me (Stephanie M. Echeveste) with my artwork

Emily Gillcrist  and her artwork

Emily Gillcrist and her artwork

Jeremy Peter Green ’s cybersquatting project

Jeremy Peter Green’s cybersquatting project

This was my first time ever participating in an open studio so it’s a huge personal accomplishment to have a space and to have any artwork to show. We also had work up by Jeremy Peter Green (my boyfriend) and Emily Gillcrist (my friend).

The coolest thing about participating in Dumbo Open Studios was meeting people in our building who are also artists or run their own businesses and are artists! Every space at 68 Jay Street is super unique, so we (Jeremy and I) often explore the building, but it’s rare for people to be inside their spaces. On Open Studios though, all the artists were in their space and we could actually go into someone else’s space and meet them!

It was also nice to see people interact with my work and get their reactions or just see what they did. I am still building my body of work, so I was very self conscious about putting anything on the walls, but you gotta star somewhere, and this weekend I just let go of my fear and put work up. And guess what? Nothing terrible happened.

I’m looking forward to participating in Dumbo Open Studios next year and making more work so I can hopefully be exhibited in a gallery soon!

Here’s a video tour for you if you missed it or are far away. Enjoy!