Recap: Vision Boards in Los Angeles

Vision_Boards_Artists_Fleas_SoCal_Distill Creative_Nicole Schroeder_1.jpeg

We’re halfway through 2019.  How is your year shaping up? We took a reflective look at our goals with a Vision Board workshop in Los Angeles this month, and crystallized what how we want to feel, what we want to accomplish, and what we want to learn.

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As we do in all our Vision Board workshops, we started off with some brainstorming exercises designed to pull out objectives surrounding a holistic version of our personal goals.  We aren’t interested in the rat race. We want people to live a full life, feel good, take care of themselves, and learn new things while on the path to their goals. These exercises are designed to pull out a well-rounded vision of your life.

Sometimes we work with corporate clients or co-working spaces, sometimes we have groups of friends or strangers participating, and sometimes couples make vision boards together.  This adorable couple in town from Northern California had such a thoughtful approach to their vision boards.

Vision_Boards_Artists_Fleas_SoCal_Distill Creative_Nicole Schroeder_3.JPG

I loved how they both took a very unique approach, came up with completely complementary styles, but overlapped in all the areas that are important to them.

In a way, Vision Boards can be a very personal self-care exercise.  We’ve found, though, that they’re a safe vehicle for talking about your personal aspirations in a group.  Talk about analog empowerment, this is a trust-building exercise to keep yourself accountable and help you form relationships with the people close to you in your life through craft.

Nicole Schroeder is our Southern California Distill Creative Chapter Leader and hosts monthly creative workshops in the LA area. Check out
her artwork here and her upcoming workshops in SoCal here.