Creating Custom Craft Stations for Clients

Snow Globes & Irish Coffees workshop in our (old) living room.

Snow Globes & Irish Coffees workshop in our (old) living room.

When I first started hosting craft gatherings with my sister in our living room, I had the most fun thinking up what we would create and pairing each creative project with a cocktail, that I would then figure out how to make. Ever since I was a kid I did this kind of stuff: making up games and elaborate craft projects. Most kids do this kind of stuff, but I never really stopped. 

I find myself in creating — creating projects, stories, art, futures. It makes me feel alive. When I’m working on a custom project for a client I get excited every time I get to work on it. I literally say to myself “I love my job” — even if that means researching some random inspirational image or sourcing a hard-to-find object to make the project complete.

I love designing custom craft stations for clients. It gives me a clear deadline and I get to work collaboratively with clients to make their visions come true. It’s hard and sometimes complicated — but it’s the perfect kind of problem I enjoy solving. 

I started doing custom craft stations when a client wanted something extra special for an event early on in my business, and now it is my favorite thing to do. 

Vision Board workshop at WeWork.

Vision Board workshop at WeWork.

Vision Board Workshop at our Distill Creative Studio in Brooklyn.

Vision Board Workshop at our Distill Creative Studio in Brooklyn.

I truly believe in adding unique experiences to everyday activities and having a custom craft station or creative project is a great way to elevate an event or gathering. I hope by creating super unique experiences for clients and their guests, I can further our mission at Distill Creative — to inspire creativity and build community.

What is a Craft Station?

A craft station  - or a make and take station - is typically a small creative project set up on a table. Guests can stop by and create during the client’s event. We design the crafts stations to be quick and easy to do within five to twenty minutes, depending on the client’s desires. 

We customize these for our client’s specific event and we have a Distill Creative host at the craft station to make sure guests stop in and have personalized guidance on how to do the project. 

Dreamcatcher craft station at Nomad Yard.

Dreamcatcher craft station at Nomad Yard.

Custom Crafts & Creative Projects

Often I design custom craft projects or a collection of projects for a client based on their specific needs. Throwing a themed party? Hosting a product launch? Want a custom private workshop? We can create crafts and creative projects to match whatever it is you want to celebrate. 

Step 1

The first step in a custom craft project is for me to discuss the goals and desired outcomes with the client. We do this via a quick phone call or an email. The client lets me know the purpose and goals of the event or celebration and I ask questions to get more information about the project. I make sure to get any specific inspiration, vision, or themes the client may already be dreaming up. 

Example of mood board for client custom craft station.

Example of mood board for client custom craft station.

Step 2

Next, I make a mood board and custom project suggestions based on the clients vision and goals. This gives us both a foundation to start from. We review the mood board and my project suggestions and have a discussion.

The mood board is a great way for me to communicate the look and feel of the custom project and station, especially if it’s a craft that hasn’t yet been done in the specific way I suggest, which is often the case because it is custom. 

Often, I also do a site visit to see where the event is going to be so I can design the set up of the custom project. 

Step 3

Based on the client’s feedback and the characteristics of the site, I edit and finalize the creative projects.  I give the client an overview of the custom creative projects for the event and once everything is approved, I get to work executing. 

Once we have the projects finalized, it’s time for me to source, order, prep, and figure out. This varies from project to project, but takes some time and expertise in knowing how to technically do the creative project, how to break it down so it is easy for all skill levels, where to get the best materials within the necessary time frame and budget, and how to prep everything for the day of event so that it’s easy to setup and ready for guests to create. 

I’ve found that guests really enjoy the opportunity to create something at an event. It helps to break the ice and gets people in a different frame of mind. Instead of guests aimlessly wandering to mingle, they can stop for a few minutes and make something. 

Our Distill Creative hosts are trained to help guests talk to each other, in addition to teaching the creative project and techniques. We’ve seen that this lessens anxiety among guests and helps get people chatting to guests they otherwise may never have spoken to. 

I also create custom experiences that can literally be anything — an installation, a scavenger hunt, a wall hanging. It just depends on what the client is looking for and I make it happen. 

I really enjoy planning and hosting craft stations and custom projects because I get to be a part of creative discovery. Most jobs these days require long periods of time alone at a computer and at these types of events guests get to have some creative time away from a computer. 

Often, and with the help of our Distill Creative hosts, we see guests making new connections with other guests while doing the creative project or experiencing the installation. This is the most exciting thing for me as I truly believe that creating in community has major benefits that go beyond the project. 

If you’re looking for ways to make your next event extra special, reach out! I’d love to help you add some custom magic to your next event.